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Intelligent (Intellectual) services

Intelligent (Intellectual) services

Scientific Production Corporation «Intellect-S» JSC offers the following intelligent services:

In the field of up-to-date energy systems.

In the sphere of management, economics, investments, resource saving

  • Development and introduction of informational-analytic and expert systems in the field of management, support of decision-making, monitoring, diagnostics;
  • Development of automated systems of invest-designing of construction projects for pre-design solutions, justification of the purposes and amounts of investments;
  • Automation of territorial control of oil and gas complexes on the basis of integrated processing of data of aerospace and ground surveys, GIS-technologies and expert systems;
  • Expert judgement on investment attractiveness of projects and business-plans at exploration and prospecting of oil and gas fields, provision of information data packages as regards oil and gas basins and perspective areas;
  • Development and introduction of Bayesian intelligent technologies as a system instrument for support of managerial decision-making under conditions of uncertainty at availability of incomplete, ambiguous and inexact (vague) information;
  • Development of expert geoinformation systems in the course of designing of geological prospecting works and field construction with the use of remote sensing data;
  • Creation of international partnership informational and analytic centers of intelligent technologies.

In the field of ecology and environment protection:

  • Development and implementation of targeted and innovation programs in the field of ecology and environment protection for companies (regions);
  • Development and introduction of informational-analytic systems to ensure environment protection, solve rational nature management tasks and evaluate ecological condition of regional territories (cities) and their zoning as per the level of comfort and safety of population living therein.
  • Monitoring of condition of earth surface facilities based on satellite photos and GPS technologies;
  • Development and introduction of infobase for certification of enterprises on the basis of international quality and environment protection standards.

We offer up-to-date technology of quick and efficient economic and ecological monitoring.

In the field of ecological and industrial safety:

  • Development of draft programs of ecological and industrial safety of projects (territories);
  • Development and improvement of methods, recommendations and technologies in the field of industrial and ecological safety and evaluation of risks of projects and territories;
  • Creation (on the basis of GIS-technologies) of information and management systems and modeling complexes of forecasting and project (territory) risk assessment at potential emergency situations of natural and man-caused nature;
  • Zoning of territories as per hazard risk level taking into account presence and hazard level rate of potential sources of emergency situations of natural and man-made nature.

In the field of staff training and educational activities:

  • Distant education under individual and corporate educational programs in the sphere of management and economics is carried out in accordance with the State standards of education.
  • Multi-level foreign language teaching;
  • Organization and arrangement of training and special educational programs for specialists and managers.

In the field of publishing activities:

Publishing of scientific, educational, social-and-political and advertising literature on the main lines of activities of the SPC «Intellect-S» is one of principal aspects of the Companys activities being logical completion of the scientific and research works being performed.

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