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Russian Joint-Stock Company for Oil and Gas Construction «RAO Rosneftegazstroy» (RNGS) is a leading Russian Company in the field of oil and gas, industrial and civil construction.

The Companys history totals for more than 35 years. Today it is a quickly developing joint-stock company of international level increasing the traditions of the national oil and gas construction and performing branch-wise and corporate functions as regards the implementation of large-scale investment and construction projects and programs in oil and gas, industrial and civil construction spheres.

«RAO Rosneftegazstroy» has a network of affiliates and representative offices in Europe, North America, and Middle East and CIS countries.

«RAO Rosneftegazstroy» executes full-range integrated engineering of projects, construction of multi-purpose pipelines , on-ground facilities and special-purpose engineering structures, industrial and civil projects on turn-key basis in conformity to the Russian and international standards in different climatic conditions. Construction is carried out in a fast spread mode using modular blocks and automated process equipment allowing ensuring fast work pace, adequate quality and reliability of the facilities under construction.

Over 15 years «RAO Rosneftegazstroy» has been the main Russian contractor at the international market, constructed abroad more than 12 thousand kilometers of pipelines and a lot of related facilities: in Rumania, Bulgaria, Finland, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Libya.

At present time «RAO Rosneftegazstroy», as coordinator and general contractor, participates in the embodiment of programs for construction of oil and gas projects, industrial and social facilities in various countries of the world. The Company takes part in the construction and repair and rehabilitation of more than 2 thousand km of pipelines per annum thus providing for development of all associated infrastructure facilities. Over the recent years the company has successfully completed projects in many countries of the world, including India, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Afghanistan and others.

«RAO Rosneftegazstroy» has on its pay-roll highly qualified managers, engineers and workers with many years work record in the oil and gas industry, having international certificates and licenses for work performance in accordance with international quality assurance standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000.

Our company possesses advanced domestic and foreign technologies (process procedures) in the construction field as well as fabrication and industrial base to produce steel and polyethylene pipes and pipeline fittings, well-developed construction and transportation bases. All this enables the Company to implement the largest investment and construction projects and compete with leading world contractors.

«RAO Rosneftegazstroy» successfully implements civil construction projects in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Samara, Saratov, Kaliningrad, including those financed by the World Bank. The total floor space of residential and non-residential premises commissioned annually makes more than 200 thousand sq.m.

«RAO Rosneftegazstroy» is a full member of the International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA), International Gas Union, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Our Company is always open for cooperation with representatives of the Russian and international business structures on the basis of mutual respect and economical efficiency, and in this respect «RAO Rosneftegazstroy» is recognized as a very attractive strategic partner.

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